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The Biggest Money Murdering Mistake You've Been Making...

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Have I got some exciting news for you.

If you’ve got your money in a savings account... you’re watching it shrink. That sounds terrible doesn’t it?

It’s true, the global pandemic has thrust the banks backwards. Banks are now the worst place to keep your money.

To understand the gravity of the situation you need to know what the banks actually do with your money.

They take your hard earned capital, use their team of smart investors (really smart), play the stock market and keep the majority of profits.

You receive your share of about 0.03% a year interest on your savings...

It costs you more to exist each year than the banks give you in interest. Seriously. It’s a joke.

But the tables are turning.

With the rise of apps like Robin Hood, Trading 212 and Etoro the investment sector has become accessible to those outside of the elite.

The tools are finally being wrestled from the hands of the fat cats and put into our laps.

Some of the smartest and most successful are defecting to our side too!

Global banks give you somewhere around 0.03% for your savings, whereas inflation hovers around 2% (it’s 4% in the US).

What does this mean?

It means time is running off with your money! If you put $1,000,000 into savings last year it would now be worth $1,001,000

You’d make $1000...

So if something cost $1,000,000 last year?

Well in the US that’d cost $1,040,000

$40,000 more!

But the banks are making BILLIONS with your money while you watch it rot away!


They have the smartest minds investing your money.

The hedge funds are making 10% a year, and that's not stopped through COVID.

Stocks are all about opportunity and a global pandemic has been full of that!

You don’t have to have millions to join in the success anymore!

Get excited!

The banks can’t price you out anymore! With these apps you can start investing with as little as $200USD!

But what about those smart (very smart) people on our side now, how do we use them and what do they cost?


They’re using technology to cut out the banks and their enormous share of the pie!

What is this new technology?


Etoro is leading in this sector right now, providing experienced traders to thousands of people like you and I.

It’s flipping the scale, putting you in the position of the banks.

Choose your trader, by looking at their past returns, and let them do the work for you.

It’s the easiest way to take a bigger share of the profits. You don’t need a degree in finance. You don’t even need an interest.

Take control!

Follow this link to learn more and if you’re interested in earning more, check out the other content we’re providing on the subject.

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