Is this really the year to start investing?

Updated: Jan 16

Another year is on us.

Another year of what?

Gyms will be full this January, an influx of resolutions pushing the masses to sweat in a box together.


What will that same sweat box look like by February?

As ‘Dry January’ ends.

And as the excuses begin…

We know the story here.

Now ask yourself.

Are these people weak?


There are likely some extremely capable people here.

But they’re giving up.

Breaking their commitment...

A promise they've made to themselves.


Well the answer is simple.

Because they are not devices with a reset.

We are creatures of habit.

Your brain is a series of hyper speed highways.

Intricate roads all leading to various areas.

As you use these roads they grow, the connections strengthen over time as you use them.

So your big motorways, highways and major thoroughfares may have developed over 20 years.

The part of your brain responsible for discipline in the gym may, in fact, be a dirt track - overgrown and near impassable.

Now the fucker of it is.

The only way to improve this track, tarmac it, strengthen it, widen it and clear it up...

Is to use it.

You see.

The more you engage in an activity or behaviour these roads get easier to pass.

The more efficient they become.

So when we try and flip this extreme switch, we're actually tiring ourselves out, creating burnout within ourselves.

Quite frankly it’s a ridiculous notion that every year many of us commit to changing those connections overnight.

It makes a difficult task a thousand percent harder.

I tell you what isn't ridiculous.

What isn’t ridiculous, is that human desire to improve.

To build a better future.

To overcome our own challenges and be better.

For ourselves and others.


You’re reading this halfway though the first month of the year.

You may be behind on your resolution.

You might feel you’ve ‘failed’.

Not yet.

The new year resolution represents nothing but payday for gym owners.

You represent your own standards, your own future and your own trajectory.

Do what you can today.

Have you stopped going to the gym already?

Do one press up now.

You make that little decision to put your hands on the floor and you might find you do 10.

Changing your life starts with small steps.

It’s about momentum.

You’ve just got to start.

But why am I giving workout tips on a website dedicated to get people in their 20s to start investing?

Well I'm glad you asked.

You see, the same principles can be applied to investing.

You might have cultivated bad spending habits.


You may have incredible spending habits and amassed a large pot of savings you protect at all costs.

When it comes to investing both of these starting points require an amount of mindset shifting.

You see, in order to invest consistently you have to prioritise putting money in, leaving it and you have to refuse to take the profits.

You have to watch your portfolio go up and down.

For the frivolous spender this means unlearning impulsive withdrawal habits and for the frugal saver this means seeing your balance fluctuate over time.

But you'll have strengthened your mindset to your current way of thinking, so small steps may be your best bet.

If you wanted to start this year, it might not seem the best time.

Did you spend too much over Christmas?

Me too.

Did you get paid early and now find yourself scraping by till the end of the month?

Me too.

But you’re not going to get out of this cycle without making some small steps in the right direction.

I’m still investing.

Do you want to make a small and powerful step today?

Are you willing to do that one press up today?

Grab our FREE $1M DOLLAR STUDENT INVESTMENT PLAN PDF (updated for 2022).

Read it.

Begin to understand the field you want to jump into.

It'll take you 5 minutes.

If you do nothing else, you've made the smallest step easy.

We’re here if you want some education, but we might be a few steps away.

Click the link below, use another 5 minutes of this new year.

You never know, this could be your new mindset...



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