• Joni - Plutux Team

Investing should be for Everyone!

Updated: Feb 10

Let’s talk about money before we get on to the topic investing. Why money?

Well because money is one of the major influences in todays society!

73% of Americans say money is the number one cause for stress.

7 Million Australians are apparently losing sleep because of money stress.

If that’s not enough for you to understand how money and finances are the cause for sleepless nights and even related to relationship problems then take a minute and read through the following signs that indicate financial based stress!

  • Arguing with loved ones

  • Feeling anxious and worried about money

  • Being afraid to open the mail or scared to answer the phone

If you can identify yourself with one of the facts mentioned above then you should definitely start taking control over your finances as well as thinking about your future which can either be healthy, balanced and a wealthy future in which one doesn’t worry about money or it could be a future full of worries and uncertainty which all comes down to one major influence which is…


Don’t worry about misconceptions like:

  • Money will destroy your soul

  • I was not born in a rich family, so I can’t become rich

  • Becoming rich is difficult

Again, don’t worry but come to the realisation that it is important for you to take action and to get rid of wrong believes systems from parents, friends, educational systems or even society such as the ones mentioned above.

Once you realise that you have lived with those wrong believes for so long all you want to do is take action, take control and finally work on your own future.

If you have no clue about how to manage your finances or how to get started with investing your money then simply check out this report:

In case you feel like you want to get started already with investing a couple of hundred bucks just check out our portfolio insights and use the account creation pdf to open up your account in 10min and get started TODAY.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something as well, every mind that we change from being scared to feeling encouraged to invest, is a BIG win for us.



Plutux Investment Team