Dear Millennials,

Welcome to Plutux.

​We are a collective of three young souls and previous founders and shareholders in a number of different global online businesses. 

​But... Why should you care?

We know that you are here because you kind of have the feeling, in the back of your head, that investing could be a smart tool to make some big bucks and even bigger lifestyle changes, later down the line. 

​That's probably why you don’t want to hear our sweaty journey to success… So we’ll keep it straight to the point.


Got your attention? Great!


Plutux doesn’t offer you anything similar to the ‘’get rich quick’’ nonsense most companies offer online. In order to take advantage of our service you have to be patient and disciplined enough to make very little, but incredibly shifting, lifestyle changes... 

We found, just like a lot of like minded heads in our own network, that you probably aren't keeping up to date with the latest and greatest technologies in investing... which causes the dilemma of not seeing the value in it. 


​We think... Sorry... We know, the root for this problem goes deep down to our old fashioned education system, which let’s be honest, barely anyone of us can identify themselves with...

Thus, our vision is to help every single prospective go-getter like yourself see the opportunities that come with investing by simply applying the right strategy.

The purpose behind this is to help YOU achieve all your wildest financial and lifestyle goals, without having to sacrifice your valuable time and energy in the process.


Don’t worry... 


We completely understand your frustration. Not enough time, zero spare energy or simply not having the educational resources to dedicate years upon years to studying the financial markets before starting to invest (AKA - the old fashioned way!)


And worst of all… Having bugger all guarantee in the form of returns.


To change this unfortunate way the world works, we want to open the eyes of the masses and reveal to our members the latest technology in the investing world, which is at the forefront of allowing people like you and I to start successfully building wealth through the stock market.


… and most importantly… 


Whilst spending the absolute minimum amounts of time, effort and knowledge in the process... to get our community the results they deserve. 


Our service…? Simple!

We begin by helping everyone in our community understand the very basics of investing. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears we shaped together a neat 10 minute report to get even the complete beginner up to a savvy level of investment knowledge.


Although our game plan requires minimal time and effort to execute, we cherish the power of education in this industry; specifically towards what investing actually is, how it works and why it’s absolutely essential to get started at an early age.


Our 2021 Lazy Investor Starter Pack includes everything our millennial force needs to set up their investment account in 15 minutes or less.

If you start taking your financial future seriously and take the first steps to become part of our game-changing community, we’ll even give you full insights into our own 2021 portfolio breakdown, where we’ll reveal…

… exactly what we’re investing in for 2021

… the very reasons why

… and exactly how to distribute your funds, depending on how much you have or will have to invest (however big or small)

After which… you can sit back and watch the wonders unfold of having your money work FOR you.. and not the other way round!

Our portfolio has been heavily researched over the last 6 - 12 months and includes a diverse variety of low risk and highly promising long term assets.

As mentioned earlier, our strategy is designed to require a minimal amount of time, effort and investment knowledge.

For the time being all three of our services are entirely FREE for all of our members.

How is that possible?

We’re paid a commission through the promotion of our recommended investment platform… so essentially they pay for your access to our service - not you!

This allows our members to take full advantage of our service and equips us with the funding we need to keep supporting your long term financial goals.