Stop letting your hard-earned money rot away in savings

and grab your financial future by the throat...

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Backed by one of the biggest trading platforms on the planet, these systems are specifically designed to help even the complete beginner start investing using simple and effortless copytrading technologies.


Dear Millennials,

Imagine multiplying your money over the next 25 years without any limits… while making very little, but incredibly shifting, lifestyle changes.

Your financial security and whole life situation would change drastically later down the line. 

You would end up thinking ‘’Money problems? What's that…’’. Sleepless nights as well as stressful times will be gone immediately, no doubt! You’d be finally able to pay off all your debt and afford the car, house and or holiday you’ve always dreamed about…

The question you should ask yourself now is… are you fed up of the fact that money runs the world? Do you want to stop living week by week and be 100% in full control of your own hard-earned money? Are you jaded by all those ‘’Get Rich Quick’’ schemes…?

Then take those first crucial steps today to eliminate your financial pressure from bills, emergencies and/or retirement.

We help introduce even the complete beginner into the world of investing and reveal the most effortless technologies that are available in 2021 to start building some real racks on autopilot. 


Our services, strategies and community makes investing a thrilling and highly profitable experience, with minimal time and effort, which is unrivalled anywhere else.


Our portfolio insights are entirely free, but don't be fooled... these proven strategies have been used by thousands to skyrocket them into financial freedom.

You won’t find any other organisation in our industry that offers a service as idiot-proof, user-friendly & captivating as ours - we dare you to try!

Act now... or miss out.

 Over the last couple decades, we've come across thousands of individuals who work incredibly hard, 5 days a week, to live a standard to average quality of life.


Just like everyone, they're proud of the money they've put aside and make just enough every year to save up for the small luxuries in life (holidays, travels, social events etc.)


Those who do express an interest in investing or making money online are already ahead of the curve, however 9 times out of 10, see their motivation diminish after experiencing countless hours of research with no direction and become overwhelmed with the amount of work and effort required to see results..




...get dragged into an overpromising and underdelivering online scheme which ends up losing them money in the long run.

We've seen it all.

This often leads to a demotivated and more skeptical member of society who continues to miss out on opportunities in the future and sticks to the perceived security of their 9-5 job with the intention of protecting the income they so hardly earned.

Investing, especially in the systems we're using, offers anyone a hassle-free and highly profitable introduction into the financial world.  Through copytrading technologies, you're taking advantage of the highly qualified trading professionals, with decades of real world experience, and having them open and close each trade on your behalf. The best part? It requires zero experience and minimal time and effort. 



Step by Step breakdown of how to create your account, with our FCA regulated platform, in under 15 minutes.


Exclusive overview of all our investments going into 2021, with ongoing updates.

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  • How to Deposit

  • How to Copy Trade

  • 2020 Portfolio Performance

  • 2021 Investment Strategy

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  • Staking & Investment Plan

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Imagine this...

You subscribe to an investment company for $200-600 a year.

Once a month they send you out a detailed report which requires your undying attention to study, understand and implement, in an investment account that takes days .. or even WEEKS to fully understand...

12 months down the line.. you've invested a sh*t load of your time, energy and hard earned salary into giving your investment the best chance of success and STILL you're not seeing the results you deserve.

Why put yourself through the endless headaches and late nights....

✔️ Save your hard earned savings on overpriced investment schemes

✔️ Discover a new found piece of mind through long term financial security

✔️ Cut the learning curve and start investing today in as little as 30 minutes

What have you got to lose...


Our team has spent an eternity looking into other companies on the web that offer investment recommendation services alike across a range of industries. This is what they found...


Our Performance over the last 12 months...

Our current portfolio has undergone several months of persistent and intricate research with which we are now very happy and confident to present. Had you been invested into the same portfolio at the start of last year, you would be up a mind-blowing 42.1% by the end of 2020!

… Bear in mind, this is during the very time that the Covid pandemic broke out - having a huge negative impact on markets across the world.

Through idiot-proof copy trading technologies and our unyielding hunger to find the safest, yet most profitable assets to invest in… we've built strategies which, cost minimal time, effort and experience.


Because we did everything for you!

Now that we've got your attention... unlock your full access now by smashing the button below. 

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Plutux was founded by a collective of young entrepreneurs looking to change the way millennials viewed investing.


As we’ve continued to innovate in this space, we’ve now helped heaps of our clients begin to grow their understanding of the investment markets and develop a new found sense of appreciation for the technologies available to us today.


For exactly this reason, we’ve been able to catapult them towards achieving their long term financial and lifestyle goals, with the simple strategies we’ve put in place.

WARNING: This isn't for you ​if you're are looking for an immediate replacement to your 9 - 5 and/or aren't willing to give this strategy the patience and discipline it requires to let it work its magic. This is only for those looking to build serious wealth in the long term (10+ years) and will not be suitable for anyone looking for 'quick wins' or a 'financial hack' to immediately replace their 9 - 5. Building serious long-term wealth requires TIME more than anything else... our members must appreciate this to receive its full value.

Our strategy is specifically designed to do 99% of the work, but to truly get your returns skyrocketing you need to implement very simple yet essential habits. These are crucial for the long term success and growth of your portfolio, which without, would simply be cheating yourself.

What is required:


❌ Resist the urge to withdraw short term profits

❌ Don't be impatient and/or approach the strategy with a 'get rich quick' mindset

❌ Don't be emotional towards your investment (portfolio up or down)

❌ Don't get lured in to the high risk/high return temptations on the market

If you're strong and willing enough to apply these simple habits, then congratulations, you're already in the top 1% of those most likely to make a dramatic and highly rewarding change.

There is no guarantee of the longevity of this offer (especially for no up front payment) so now's the time to grab this opportunity before you miss out.

Here's what to do next:

We'll ask to you fill out your name and email address, don't worry we won't send you any spammy marketing material. After which, you'll be able to download the offer straight to your computer in as little as a few seconds!

Hit the button below, we look forward to seeing your results.

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Disclaimer: If you require further information on investing or the risks associated, refer to our legal page in the footer on the website, or feel free to contact us with any questions.